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Marva Collins’ Way Review

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Marva Collins’ Way is a teaching method developed by Marva Collins, an American educator and the founder of the Westside Preparatory School in Chicago. The method is based on the belief that all children are capable of achieving academic excellence and that it is the responsibility of the teacher to create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning.

Collins’ approach to education focuses on individualized instruction and a strong emphasis on the classical liberal arts. She believed that children should be exposed to a wide range of subjects, including math, science, literature, history, and the arts, and that they should be encouraged to think critically and independently.

One key aspect of Marva Collins’ Way is the use of high expectations for all students. Collins believed that by setting high expectations and holding students accountable for their learning, teachers could help students to achieve their full potential. This meant that teachers would often assign challenging tasks and encourage students to take risks and make mistakes in order to learn and grow.

Another important aspect of Marva Collins’ Way is the use of positive reinforcement. Collins believed that it was important for teachers to praise students for their efforts and accomplishments, rather than focusing solely on their mistakes. She also emphasized the importance of creating a positive classroom culture, where students felt valued and supported.

In addition to these core principles, Marva Collins’ Way also includes a number of specific teaching strategies, such as the use of small group instruction, the incorporation of hands-on activities, and the use of real-world examples to illustrate concepts.

Overall, Marva Collins’ Way is a teaching method that emphasizes high expectations, individualized instruction, and a strong focus on the classical liberal arts. It is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills and a love of learning, and has been widely recognized as an effective approach to education.

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