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Ask Dr. Laura (book review)

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Laura Markham’s “Ask Dr. Laura,” a book that offers practical advice and solutions for common parenting challenges in the digital age. As a clinical psychologist and parenting expert, Markham is well-equipped to provide evidence-based guidance on a range of issues, including discipline, communication, and technology use.

One of the key themes in “Ask Dr. Laura” is the importance of building strong, positive relationships with children. Markham emphasizes the need for parents to be present and attentive to their children’s needs, and to set clear boundaries and expectations while also being flexible and open to negotiation. She also encourages parents to model positive behavior and to actively listen to and validate their children’s emotions.

This emphasis on the importance of positive relationships and emotional intelligence struck a chord with me, as it aligns with my own belief that the quality of our relationships is central to our well-being and happiness. In my fiction, I often explore the ways in which people connect and disconnect, and the power of love and loss to shape our lives.

Another important theme in “Ask Dr. Laura” is the role of technology in modern parenting. Markham offers guidance on how to manage screen time and set healthy boundaries around technology use, while also recognizing the many benefits that technology can offer to children and families.

As someone who has witnessed the rapid evolution of technology in recent decades, I was particularly interested in Markham’s insights on this topic. I have often grappled with the ways in which technology has both enhanced and complicated our relationships and communication, and it was refreshing to see Markham approach this issue with a balanced and nuanced perspective.

Overall, “Ask Dr. Laura” is a valuable resource for parents seeking practical, evidence-based advice on raising healthy, happy children in the digital age. While it may not have the literary flair of my own fiction, it is a thoughtful and insightful guide that is sure to resonate with parents seeking guidance and support in their role as caregivers.

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