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Navigating the Sensitive Topic of Allowing Children to Watch Military Programs

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The topic of allowing a 7-year-old child to watch military programs on television or online is a contentious issue. This article aims to provide expert guidance on the matter, analyzing the problem, providing solutions, and offering a range of options for children’s military programs to watch. Moreover, this article presents an outlook that is complemented by the author’s unique perspective on the topic in question.

The age and maturity of the child are central factors when deciding whether to allow children to watch military programs. From a developmental perspective, a child’s moral and ethical compass is still in its formative years. Exposing children to the television, which has mature content such as war, violence, sex, and drug abuse, at a young age may lead to adverse developmental outcomes in the future. Therefore, the parents need to make informed decisions about what type of programs their child watches, how often, and with what supervision.

However, this is not to say that military programs are always inappropriate for children. There are several merits to military programs for children, particularly in teaching them valuable life lessons and learning about history. Children can learn about team-work, leadership, patriotism, as well as the harsh realities of war and the need for peacebuilding.

Based on the analysis of the problem, here are some suggestions for parents who want to allow their children to watch military-themed programs on television or online safely:

  1. The first solution is to carefully choose the military program that children can watch, the age rating, and the content. Only shows rated as suitable for children with limited mature content should be selected. Parents can also watch the program with the child to create an opportunity for discussion and supervision.
  2. If parents cannot determine which military programs are appropriate for their child, they can consider looking for guidance from professionals, such as child psychologists, educators, or other parents with similar experiences. They may have specific recommendations for certain programs, which offer unique educational and entertaining value.
  3. Another way to allow children to watch military programs is to integrate other activities alongside it. This will offer a more balanced experience that mixes education and play. For example, parents could read books related to the program and engage the child in activities that stimulate their imagination. This way, children will not be only passively consuming media, but actively participating in the learning process.
  4. Finally, if parents are still worried after careful selection of programs, monitoring, and discussion, they can limit the duration of the program. This way, children still get exposure to the program, but the potential negative effects are minimized.

Recommended military programs for children

There are many military programs for children to choose. Here are several programs that offer wholesome educational value for children:

  1. Liberty’s Kids – An animated series featuring two teenagers reporting on historical events during the American Revolution.
  2. The Big Picture – A documentary-style program that details the history of warfare in the United States.
  3. The American Civil War – A program that documents the history of the civil war, using expert analysis and interviews.
  4. Battlefield Detectives – A documentary-style program that examines the strategies and tactics of important military battles throughout history.
  5. The Cold War – A documentary-style program that covers the history of the Cold War and how it impacted the world.

Recommendations for children’s magazines

Magazines can also be an excellent supplemental resource for children’s learning. Here are some military-themed magazines that are worth considering:

  1. Cobblestone – A magazine that explores American history through myths, legends, and true stories.
  2. Dig – A magazine about archaeology that details historical and rare military findings.
  3. Military History Quarterly – A magazine that delves deep into military history with academic articles, photographs and accounts from various sources.
  4. Discover History – A magazine that covers all aspects of history including military history from a different perspective.

It is essential to pick military-themed programs that are age-appropriate so that children understand the symbolism hidden beneath the news. Parents should be wary of the negative impact of media on children’s development but should similarly appreciate the educational aspects that provide critical life lessons. Finally, if in doubt, parents can seek advice from professionals or limit the duration of the program, all the while encouraging positive media interaction through discussions and activities that allow the child to retain the intended educational message.

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