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Learning Music Theory for children

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Learning music theory is an essential component of becoming a musician. It lays the foundation for understanding different musical elements such as rhythm, melody, harmony, and dynamics, among others. In the following article, we will analyze a case study of a group of students who learned music theory at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. We will examine the methods they used, the costs incurred, and the outcomes of their learning. Using this information, we will provide some insights on how to improve the process of learning music theory.

The students in this case study learned music theory at different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. They used a combination of free online resources, purchased textbooks, and online video courses to learn the material. The beginner and intermediate students relied on free online videos and purchased textbooks. They found the material easy to follow and effectively learned the basics of music theory.

At the advanced level, the students had to purchase an online video course. They were unable to find free resources to match their level of proficiency. Despite the cost of this course, they found it to be very helpful and learned a great deal from it. The students also purchased a set of practice questions from an online store.

The total cost of learning music theory was roughly 3500 RMB, which includes the expenses for the textbooks, practice questions, and the online advanced video course. It is important to note that the students did not take any classes but relied solely on self-study resources.

The students’ self-assessment of their proficiency showed that they learned a great deal from the process. The advanced students, in particular, felt that they had become proficient in music theory. They found themselves able to answer questions with ease and had developed a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Learning music theory is not an easy task, but it is essential for anyone who wishes to become a musician. The following solutions can improve the learning process:

  1. Use a combination of free and paid resources: Free resources are readily available online and can be a great starting point for learning music theory. However, advanced learners may need to invest in paid resources to gain a deeper understanding of the material.
  2. Take classes: While self-study can be efficient, taking classes from a qualified teacher can help address any misconceptions and provide a deeper understanding of the material.
  3. Practice regularly: Music theory is a theoretical subject, and the best way to learn it is through regular practice. This includes doing practice questions, listening to music, and analyzing it, among others.
  4. Use mnemonic devices: Music theory involves many complex concepts that can be challenging to understand and remember. Using mnemonic devices can simplify and help recall the material.


Learning music theory is an important aspect of becoming a musician. The case study showed that a combination of self-study resources such as textbooks, online videos, and practice questions was an efficient way to learn music theory. However, advanced learners may need to invest in paid resources to gain a deeper understanding of the material.

Taking classes from a qualified teacher and practicing regularly can enhance the learning experience. Moreover, using mnemonic devices can help simplify complex concepts and improve the recall of the material.

Learning music theory requires a combination of self-study resources and paid resources. It is an important component of becoming a musician and lays the foundation for a deep understanding of musical elements. Regular practice and taking classes can enhance the learning experience, and using mnemonic devices can improve memory recall. By following these solutions, learners can improve their proficiency in music theory and enjoy a rewarding musical experience.

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