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How to improving children’s reading comprehension

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Improving children’s reading comprehension can be challenging, especially when the material they are reading is not directly related to their own experiences or interests. Here are some strategies for helping children improve their reading comprehension:

1,Build background knowledge: One of the most important factors in reading comprehension is prior knowledge of the topic. If a child is reading about a concept or topic that is new to them, it can be helpful to provide some background information or context to help them better understand the material.

2,Encourage active reading: Active reading means engaging with the text by underlining, highlighting, or taking notes as you read. This helps children focus on the material and better retain the information.

3,Discuss the text: After reading, encourage children to talk about the text with you or with a group. Asking questions and discussing the material can help children clarify any confusion and deepen their understanding.

4,Teach vocabulary: Building a strong vocabulary is important for reading comprehension. Encourage children to look up unfamiliar words and use them in sentences to help them better understand the text.

5,Provide real-life connections: If a child is having trouble understanding a text because it is not related to their own experiences, try to find ways to connect the material to their own lives. This can help make the material more relevant and meaningful to them.

By implementing these strategies, you can help your child improve their reading comprehension and better understand the material they are reading.

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