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How can working mothers balance career and family responsibilities

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As a working mother, it can be challenging to balance the demands of your career with the responsibilities of raising a family. This is especially true when you encounter resistance or criticism from loved ones, as you have described in your question. It is important to remember that you have the right to make your own decisions about your career and how you want to balance your work and family life, and to have the support of your husband and in-laws in doing so.

First, it is important to address the underlying issue of the criticism and dismissiveness you have experienced from your husband and mother-in-law. It is not fair or respectful for them to try to make you feel guilty or dismiss your career simply because they have different values or beliefs. It is important to have open and honest communication with them about your feelings and to try to find a way to resolve this issue. You could try explaining to them why your career is important to you and how you are able to balance your work and family responsibilities. You could also suggest finding ways for them to be more involved in the care of your children, such as offering to babysit or pick up the kids from daycare on certain days.

It is also important to recognize that being a stay-at-home mother (SAHM) is not the only option for raising children, and it is not necessarily the right choice for every mother. While SAHMs play a crucial and valuable role in caring for their children, it is important to recognize that all mothers, whether they work outside the home or not, make sacrifices and face challenges in raising their children. As a qualified architect who has started your own successful design company, it is completely understandable and reasonable for you to want to continue working after having children. It is not selfish or irresponsible for a mother to want to pursue her career and contribute financially to her family, especially if she is able to arrange childcare and make sure her children are well taken care of.

It is common for mothers to face criticism or judgment from others, but it is important to remember that you are the best judge of what is best for you and your family. Do not let the opinions of others make you doubt your own choices. It is important to have the support of your loved ones in pursuing your goals and finding a balance that works for you and your family.

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